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Ian Rickson
Theatre Director

Agent - Judy Daish


Theatre Work 

After early shows at the Gate Theatre, BAC, Chichester and Soho Poly Ian began directing at the Royal Court Theatre in the early 1990's.



As Associate Director:

1992 Young Writers' Festival

'Some Voices by Joe Penhall (1994)

'Ashes and Sand' by Judy Upton (1994)

'Pale Horse' by Joe Penhall (1995)

'Mojo' by Jez Butterworth (1995)

'The Lights' by Howard Korder (1995)

'The Weir' by Conor McPherson (1997)

'Mojo' and 'The Weir' transferred to the West End. 'Mojo' went to Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago and 'The Weir' continued to Broadway.

Ian became Artistic Director in 1998 and helped steward the company back to its Sloane Sq home after a major redevelopment. 


As Artistic Director:

'Dublin Carol' by Conor McPherson (2000)

'Mouth to Mouth' by Kevin Elyot (2001)

'Boy Gets Girl' by Rebecca Gilman (2001)

'The Night Heron' by Jez Butterworth (2002)

The Caryl Churchill Season (2002)

'Fallout' by Roy Williams (2003)

'The Sweetest Swing in Baseball' by Rebecca Gilman (2004)

'Alice Trilogy' by Tom Murphy (2005)

'The Wintering' by Jez Butterworth (2006)

'Krapp's Last Tape' by Samuel Beckett (2006)

His last production as Artistic Director, 'The Seagull' by Anton Chekhov, transferred to Broadway.

Ian returned to the Royal Court to direct two more plays by Jez Butterworth: 'Jerusalem' and 'The River'. Each went to Broadway and 'Jerusalem' had several runs at the Apollo Theatre.


'The Day I Stood Still' by Kevin Elyot (1997)

'The Hothouse' by Harold Pinter (2007)

'The Red Lion' by Patrick Marber (2015)

'Evening at the Talk House' by Wallace Shawn (2015)

'Translations' by Brian Friel (2018 and 2019)

'Paradise' by Kae Tempest/Sophocles (2021)

'All of Us' by Francesca Martinez (2022)

'London Tide' by Ben Power (2024)


'The Weir' by Conor McPherson (1998-2000)

'Mojo' by Jez Butterworth (1996)

'Mouth to Mouth' by Kevin Elyot (2001)

'Jerusalem' by Jez Butterworth (2010, 2011, 2022)

'Endgame' by Samuel Beckett (2010)

'Betrayal' by Harold Pinter (2011)

'Old Times' by Harold Pinter (2013)

'Mojo' by Jez Butterworth (2013)

'The Goat' by Edward Albee (2017)

'The Birthday Party' by Harold Pinter (2018)

'Rosmersholm' by Henrik Ibsen (2019)

'Uncle Vanya' by Anton Chekhov (2020)

'Walden' by Amy Berryman (2021)

'Lyonesse' by Penelope Skinner (2023)


'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare (2011); 'Now We Are Here' (verbatim show with refugees) (2016) and 'The Nest' by Franz Xavier Kroetz at the Young Vic Theatre.

'Parlour Song' by Jez Butterworth (2009) and 'Against' by Christopher Shinn (2017) at the Almeida Theatre.

'Electra' by Sophocles/McGuiness at the Old Vic Theatre (2014)

Other Work


Ian works with PJ Harvey and Kae Tempest on their live music and poetry shows.


'In Therapy' (BBC Radio 4) with Susie Orbach (2 series) (2017 and 2018)

'Faith Healer' by Brian Friel (Audible) (2021)

'What I Love' is Ian's podcast (2021)


'Fallout' (Film 4) (2008)

'The Clear Road Ahead' (2012)

'Our Little Lives' (with Russell Brand) (2021)

'Uncle Vanya' (BBC4) (2021)


Ian was a Visiting Professor at the University of Kent. He teaches and mentors in a range of different settings.


With Casting Director Amy Ball
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